Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Accom Holidays. By staying with us you agree to adhere to the Terms and Conditions outlined below. Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions gives Accom Hoilidays (Ettalong Beach & Gloucester) the right to refuse the key, amend the rate or immediate termination of the holiday agreement. 

Guests who book premises located in New South Wales must abide by their responsibilities and obligations under the NSW Fair Trading Code of Conduct for the Short Term Rental Accommodation Industry. For further information or to download a copy of the Code Of Conduct

Please take the time to read this carefully:

  • The guest explicity agrees that any compensation offered for issues arising during your stay, whether it was in the control of Accom Holidays or not, will be exclusively offered by a voucher for your next stay with Accom Holidays not a refund on the stay under any circumstances
  • The booking with Accom Holidays is not a residential tenancy agreement under residential tenancy legislations. Failure to comply with any of the guest's fundamental obligations and the terms and conditions of the property may result in immediate termination and eviction. The guest is granted a licence to occupy the accommodation,THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE  BY THE OWNER OF THE PROPERTY UNDER THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the agreed booking period. Refunds will not be paid on terminated occupancies.
  • Holiday property check-in is available after 2pm on the date of arrival, and check-out is no later than 10am on the date of your departure. Charges apply to guests who do not check-out on time.
  • Guest Registration: Accom Holidays requires every guest to complete and sign an electronic guest registration prior to arrival which will ask for photo ID. If you have not registered online prior to arrival, on check in, all guests agree to have their drivers licence scanned for a record of photo ID. This will be kept on file for 1 month only. If you have arranged after hours key collcetion or another person is collecting the keys prior arrangments need to be made. By providing this to the office, you also agree and adhere to our full terms & condiitons   
  • If you will be arriving after 6.00pm (subject to office hours) please advise the office in advance. After-hour key collection is available at an additional charge which is to be paid for by the guest ($50 min).
  • Your co-operation in leaving the property clean and tidy is requested. If the property is not left in an acceptable state an extra cleaning fee will be charged, which includes the use and cleaning of outside BBQ’s. Excess rubbish from your stay will also be removed at your cost
  • After-hours call-outs considered a non-emergency, may incur a fee which is to be paid for by the guest ($50 - $110 min)
  • All expenses must be paid in full before you are issued with your key and check-in pack.
  • Should guest arrange to extend booking dates, the guest agrees to make all payments upfront.
  • All keys and remotes must be returned to the office upon check-out or fees may apply.
  • Should you feel upon arrival or notice during your stay that the property is not clean or is in an unsatisfactory state of repair then you must immediately call the office and or after hours number and register your complaint. If no call is received or message left during your stay then the property is deemed to be in a satisfactory manner. Any comments made later than this will be taken as feedback for the cleaner etc and no offer of compensation will be applied. Our first option naturally is to rectify the problem should there be one. This also applies to any incident or accident or anything that may affect your safety during your stay.
  • Any breakages, damages and lost keys/remotes must be reported, or if found on departure inspection by Accom Holidays, must be paid for at the guest’s expense. We have the right to use the credit card as given to us as bond for these expenses.
  • Furniture should not be moved around the house and utensils, crockery etc not to be removed from the premises. You will be liable for any damage caused from moving of furniture and bond charged accordingly.
  • Unless specified as a pet-friendly property, pets are not permitted inside or around the property.
  • Accom Holidays and its respective franchises take no responsibility for any personal property left on the premises by the guest.
  • Cancellation Policy -  If a booking is cancelled within one (1) month prior to arrival, 100% cancellation fee is incurred with no refunds. However, if we are able to rebook the property a refund maybe offered. Cancellation outside one (1) month prior to arrival a $120 cancellation fee will be charged and all remaining deposit will be refunded.
  • COVID Cancellation Policy - Guests who reside in NSW and cancelling for any reason other than COVID or travel restriction related our standard Cancellation Policy applies as above. 
    • Bookings will be eligible for a credit in the form of a date change, free of charge (no cancellation/refund available) under the following criteria: (Any increase in tariff for any new dates will need to be paid where applicable
    • Guests living outside NSW and can no longer travel outside of their own state due to government restrictions.
    • Guests living in NSW but are affected by COVID, either themselves or guests who intended to stay. (Have COVID or are a close contact and require quarantine/isolation. Proof will be requested)
    • State Lockdown.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any of our properties. Charges apply for bookings who dishonour this clause.
  • Intent to film or photograph at this property for promotional/commercial purposes requires upfront approval by Accom Holidays  Failing to do this will result in the content being unauthorised, and immediate removal of this content will be required.
  • If a complaint of excessive noise or anti-social behaviour is received, security will be dispatched to investigate and may result in a $200 call-out charge. A report will be received by the Accom Holidays office with information as to whether a fee has been charged. This fee will be taken from the guest’s security deposit and is non-negotiable. At the time the report is received, Accom Holidays will also determine the severity of the incident and the impact on the property, the community, and the surrounding guests and residents. If the incident and impact is deemed to be severe, all guests at the premises may be evicted from the premises by security without refund of rent or bond. This determination is at the sole discretion of management and is non-negotiable.
  •  Properties are for guests only. No outside guests are permitted on the premises without pre-arrangement in writing from Accom Holidays. The number of occupants must not exceed the number of persons shown on your original reservation details. Any increase in numbers must be agreed in advance and may incur additional fees..
  • Parties and functions are strictly prohibited. The price charged is for domestic use only and not commercial use. Party accessories including balloons, banners, etc are not to be displayed on the property under any circumstances. Accordingly, this rate does not allow for the extra wear associated with functions in terms of cleaning, garbage removal, wear and tear, repairs. Use contrary to this may result in the loss of your Security Deposit Bond and/or additional payments.
  • As a duty of care to properties, owners, the community and other visitors, Accom Holidays reserves the right to refuse any bookings that are determined to be inappropriate or that fall across schoolies dates.
  • Excessive use of any utilities (services such as electricity) will be charged
  • Disturbance to our neighbours, including excessive noise (by law), is prohibited and may result in termination of occupancy and total loss of Security Deposit Bond.
  • As the guest, you agree to allow the property’s respective managing agent, Accom Ettalong & Gloucester, or a contractor to enter the premises in which you are staying to carry out necessary repairs or maintenance.
  • Credit card details supplied are held as a security bond when a booking is made along with a specified Security Deposit Bond amount.
  • Accom Holidays accepts bookings in good faith, however we will not be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control.
  • Every reasonable endeavour will be made to find alternative accommodation should the following circumstances apply:
  • A holiday property is sold or withdrawn from holiday letting
  • A major repair or maintenance must be carried out at the property
  • An owner chooses to occupy their property during certain dates
  • Accom Holidays does not give out your personal details to any external companies.
  • Accom Holidays 20% off gift voucher cannot be redeemed within school holiday, long weekend or peak season dates.


In addition to the T&C's stated, the following will also apply to guests staying at the Ettalong Beach Resort

  • FIRE SENSOR or FIRE ALARMS - In the event that the fire sensor or fire alarm installed in the premises is activated, triggered, or set off as a result of a failure to take reasonable steps, precautions, or otherwise, by negligent actions or omissions by myself of my guests, I agree that I will pay a false fire alarm fee of $2,076, which comprises of the false alarm charge levied by Fire and Rescue NSW, together with all reasonable legal and administrative costs of the Owners Corporation in responding to or dealing with the false alarm charge. If I pay the $2,076.00 fee at the checkout of my stay, a $300.00 discount will apply determining the total payable fee to be $1,776.
  • In the event that debt collectors are required to be engaged by the owner cost begin from 15% + GST, plus $676 in court fees
  • Should you lose your apartment key card or not returned to Accom Holidays on departure, a $25 replacement fee will be charged from your bond
  • There is a strict NO SMOKING, NO PETS ALLOWED policy in this building and fines will apply if in breach


Privacy Act Acknowledgement and TICA Database listing

In accordance with Privacy Principle 1.3 of the Privacy Act we require you to read and sign this acknowledgement, which is part of your terms and conditions of occupancy.

Occupants are required under the National Privacy Principles of Privacy Act to be made aware that an organization may access a database. In addition

an applicant is entitled to know what will happen to their information when it is passed onto an agent.

In accordance with the National Privacy Principles the database member discloses that in addition to information being supplied to a database company

other organisations may receive information from time to time. Other organizations may include debt collection agencies, insurance companies, government

departments and other landlords or agencies.

I, the said applicant declare that I give my permission to the agent to collect my information and pass such information to be provided to any other

database for the assessment of my holiday application.

I agree that in the event of a default or breach of terms and conditions occurring under occupation of accommodation I give my permission to the member of a TICA database to register any of my

details of such breach with TICA database. I further agree and understand that the removal of such information from a database company is subject to

the conditions of the Database Company.

I understand that TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty Ltd is a database company that allows the member’s access to information accumulated from members

about occupants who have breached their agreements.

I agree and understand that a listing with TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty Ltd could have an adverse effect

on my ability to obtain future rental accommodation.

I acknowledge and understand that TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty Ltd can be contacted on 190 222 0346. I agree that the calls to TICA Default Tenancy

Control Pty Ltd are charged at $5.45 per minute inclusive of GST.


Accom Holidays as the management agent is responsible for the following;

  • Vetting applicants - All guests will be screened accordingly during the initial enquiry and throughout. A judgement will be made as to whether to accept a booking if there is any concern about the compliance
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operation of accommodation, including;
    • Organising and supervising the check-in and out of guests, taking payments and bonds (and determining the amount of any bond retention for breach of conditions)
    • Inspecting the property for damages upon cessation of each stay and organising repairs in the unlikely event these are required
    • Organising the cleaning of the property at the cessation of each stay and ensuring garbage bins are left on the streets for collection on the appropriate nights
  • Renting the accommodation in accordance with the rental holiday agreement, which would include the following controls
    • Number of guests should not exceed the number of guests stated and allowed for the property including visitors
    • A minimum 2 night stay applies to all holiday properties and not exceeding two weeks
    • A prohibition of animals (unless authorised by agent/owner)
    • A restriction of hours for noise generating activities being outside 10pm - 7am Sunday to Thursday and 11pm - 7am Friday and Saturday. This includes the use of any loud speakers
    • A prohibition on the use of the property for functions and/or parties. This includes bucks, hens, schoolies, weddings, birthdays, parties or the like
    • A prohibition on any activities that would cause nuisance, annoyance or offence to neighbours or adjoining properties

NSW Fair Trading – Code of Conduct

It is the guests responsibility to ensure;

2.5 Guests to act lawfully

2.5.1 A guest must not engage in conduct in their capacity as a guest that contravenes:

(a) the criminal law (b) planning laws or by-laws (if the premises are in a strata or community scheme) that apply to the premises (c) the terms of a short-term rental accommodation arrangement for the premises.

Obligations to neighbours

2.5.2 A guest must not at any time during the occupancy period:

(a) create noise that because of its level, nature, character, or quality, or the time it is made, is likely to harm, offend, or unreasonably disrupt or interfere with the peace and comfort of neighbours and other occupants of the premises

(b) act in a violent or threatening manner towards neighbours or other occupants of the premises

(c) act in a manner that could reasonably be expected to cause alarm or distress to neighbours and other occupants of the premises

(d) use or enjoy the premises in a manner, or for a purpose, that interferes unreasonably with the use or enjoyment of common property by neighbours and other occupants of the premises in a strata or community scheme

(e) intentionally, recklessly or negligently cause damage to premises, any common property or any other communal facilities within the immediate vicinity of the premises, or any public property in the vicinity of the premises

(f) intentionally, recklessly or negligently damage the personal property of neighbours of the premises or other occupants of a strata or community scheme.

This section is an offence provision under section 54C of the Act.